Personally, I think if you are a little sceptical on the direction you should be going. I mean we all have interests that we enjoy doing, right? So it goes double for building your online assets.

To really streamline the process you can follow a passion. It will benefit you though process making it more decisive, instead of being stuck in limbo on a topic you may not be to sure about.

As your journey progresses and forms, through channelling your inner passion and into the digital world. Momentum may start to gain due to making exciting judgements towards, and in the name of this driving force. Embrace this excitement. Run with it. Let it set a FYRE inside you that will motivate you to “take action” I cannot stress this enough, use whatever you can to fuel this FYRE as it can quickly die and extinguish.

Trust me, I have found this out first hand. If you have no-one around you or even online, and you don’t have anyone to keep you on track and focused on the next step at hand. Its easy to slip out of motivation and becomes a procrastinator until the whole idea of everything drifts away into the forgotten abyss never to be recovered again.

I shall take it upon myself to keep you entertained and focused on our direction.


How Bout A Hobby

No matter what the case maybe passion or a hobby. Both are similarly easy to pursue due to their close relationship with each other.

I’m glad to say I’m following my passion in trying to help people like YOU to becoming online entrepreneurs. I plan to help anyone that is ready to create an online income for themselves because, well, ain’t no-one else gonna do it for ya to be honest. So its up to you entirely.



Passion pursuance has really helped me in becoming more consistent. Its forced me to be more organised with the productivity I have now for my entire week. Becoming easier to manage my life a little which was funny. Finding flaws within my time frame, I remember being astounded by the amount of time I had wasted during an entire week. Never again though.

Consistency is a little easier when fuelling the drive by support of your passion.

Hobbies are excellent choices of direction. Things like arts and crafts as examples could be a sense of direction. Who knows? Possibly showing people how to quilt or make paper mache maybe. Also being a great source of enjoyment. That goes for maybe sports, automotive,food the options are endless.


Communicate With Ease

Talking about your drive should be nearly the easiest thing to do. I honestly do.

Once I get started on talking about different ways on Making Money Online then someone better put some food in front of me because I’ll shut up if there’s food before me. Therefore if you can document the rambling in your head and project it in a way as if you were talking to a close friend.

I would like to think you are not to far off, to the point of being able to write high quality content for a website. I really believe this.

Passion empowers discussion making it a far cry spirited to get the resolutions you need to move forward. Being proactive is certainly urged as support will breed great confidence towards communication skills and maintaining the lines are open and flowing.



Connect With The Audience

When you open yourself up to passion driven assets, the audience you are targeting become captivated and enthralled by what you are telling them because you make your self an authoritative figure in your chosen field.

Your knowledge and experience will pour out and be of extreme use to others. In turn causing traffic to accumulate to your site which is ultimately, what your after. To connect on a level that your audience wants to return for more and more will show you exactly what the internet thinks of your contributions to your passion.

Take me for instance I get to follow my passion of making an online internet marketing business to creating a passive income while showing other’s how to coordinate the same system, and I get to post my discoveries right here for you while being transparent in my findings. I’m so excited to continue with blog posts as there are some excellent blogs on the way for you to harness information from to implement you in your journey.


Passion Pursuit

Luckily for me I can call upon a few good ideas that I can mold into passions that can correlate to a digital entity. Inclusive in the planning is to mold it around a website that can generate a passive income.

I not only like topics of MMO, SEO, content building, theme choice. This is the joy of a passion pursuit is that you can harness the power of passion to consistently take action day in and day out. It takes discipline though. this is the difficult bit.

Support and encouragement is what is in order to revitalise the soul. Seek resurgence if you need it, I can lend an ear or comment if ya need it. Gosh, I know I need it from time to time. So drop a line, I don’t bite!

Focus and sense of direction is what will prevail here I assure you it will be a totally fun task that just gets better and better as you brainstorm ideas. I can get lost in just brainstorming and easily distract myself from the task at hand.


Consistency With Persistence Is King

Its all good and well having a passion and drive, but if you are going to only give a few months in, a few weeks, dare I say it a few days.

Then this is probably not the kind of thing for you, in all honesty you MUST be prepared to get your hands dirty. Put in the work that is required because I assure you that the fruits of your labours will be there for the picking. It just takes a little bit of time to procure such a online presence.



Persistence will go hand and hand with consistency as you continue to forge forward in your quest for success just like me. Persistence pays so lets embrace this. I know when I’m working away all I can think about is helping someone out there and hopefully change their life for the better. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

I have started to incorporate motivation from every facet of my life. From my incredibly horrible 9 – 5 job to talking with my physical friends about my online ventures and wanting to help them down the same path that I’m tracking on. So I have plenty of dependency I like to call my motivation to fuel my flame.


How Will You Fuel YOURS?


If you want to discuss any topics discussed or if you just want to say “hi”, please don’t hesitate to do so




  1. Awesome post Shan!

    I thought I was the only one noticing the faint difference between hobby and passion, they are similar but a combination of those two could mean a burning desire to succeed if we’re in that industry. Thinking back, I have this huge interest in starting a business in the gaming niche and I have all the energy and commitment to do so however I am stuck in a 9-5 job which provides me security, do you think I should take this leap of faith?

    1. Hey Riaz

      Thank you for taking the time out of your day to leave a comment, good sir.

      Well interpreted Riaz, yes you are right, there are similarities for sure and the combination of the two can be formidable. Lighting the fire within to accomplish whatever you wish to do.

      Should you take the leap and go for your dreams?!

      Most definitely sir! 

      We always underestimate what we are ACTUALLY capable of doing. The hardest thing is to put the first foot forward and start the business you were aspiring to do. My advice, DO IT!

      When I started this online thing I was too in a 9-5 job myself. I had to use every bit of time that I wasn’t spending at work in front of my laptop learning, building and progressing forward so I could quit my 9-5 and follow my passion.

      This will lead you on a path of self-discovery, you may find thigs out that you may not know you are capable of possessing. I sure did, and I find it the most rewarding thing.

      If you need any help with building-out a website with your gaming niche in mind please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I’ll be glad to help anytime.

      Thank you for your thoughts Riaz

      Kind Regards


  2. Following your passion when it comes to building an online business makes a lot of sense. You provide very good advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or even the seasoned marketers that may need some grounding or outside advice after getting their business off the ground.

    All the points to focus on that you have mentioned are much easier to do well if you have a passion for a niche or subject. I have seen too many that are only working on a niche to make money, and it somehow comes through in the content that they create.

    Of course, the persistence and consistency come into play as well as these two ingredients will give you the chance to build up a body of content that will attract a wide enough set of targeted audience members so you can then monetize your work and contribution to the niche. 

    One last thing that I believe is important too: There must be a way to monetize that niche you are passionate about. Unless you do not care about earning money, of course, but most people are in it to win it and they want to earn from their efforts. How do you analyze a niche for its potential in earnings?  

    1. Hi Dave.

      Thank you for your great input, good sir.

      You are absolutely correct. I sincerely believe it is much easier to follow a passion when pursuing a niche as an online business.

      Making the whole process a little bit easier to learn and implement when creating an online business.

      When researching a niche for its potential earnings, what I usually look at when researching a prospective niche, I try and fulfil certain criteria such as these.

      Competition – Competition or other competing websites that are with your nicheIs it a saturated market? Can I access a percentage to gain potential earnings?

      Emotional Attachment – Does your niche involve emotional attachment? Health is a great niche that is inclusive of emotional attachment Fitness, relationships/dating are also great examples.

      Product Availability – Are there potential products that can be promoted to monetize a website within the chosen niche?

      Traffic/Visitors – Traffic is the heart of any monetized website being the source of income. Does the prospective niche get “traffic” or searches for the niche daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even at all? Visitors are essential.

      With these 4 fields of criteria to fulfil, I can make a pretty good decision on how to move forward in my niche. enabling me to make better decisions when building out an online project.

      I hope this helps answer your question.

      Thank you again for taking the time out of your day to express your great thoughts.

      Kind Regards


  3. You have truly bundled your passion with discipline and persistence to deliver consistently your goals.

    It is beautiful blog post I enjoyed reading and moving my mind along the post.

    It is just impossible to work diligently without having a passion. 

    The passion I define is I live, breath and dream on it.

    I am slow but steady and I like to help people with right information (searching credible research sites). 

    Yes, passion makes me learn to be an authority. Discipline makes me consistent. It is silent meditation inside and that is the way I feel.

    What do I do to motivate myself?

    When I feel gloomy I look back how far I have moved, that gives me motivation to fill the gap to accomplish my future. 

    1. Hello Anusuya.

      Thank you for your kind words, and I whole-heartedly agree with you in relation to pursuing your passion. Not only online but in general also.

      My passion is also to help people, especially when it comes to creating success online. I find it incredibly rewarding.

      What I have incorporated to keep me motivated towards my goals is “dependency” I have told a couple of close friend’s that aren’t familiar with making an online business, that I will teach them how to do it once I have fully settled on a “blueprint” to making a business. I’m almost at that point to teaching them so they can experience what I have. Dependency is what drives me, I have to succeed no matter what. Why? It’s because I want to share with my friends and family so they can succeed.

      It is hard to put a mark on how to be motivated consistently. I find motivation from anywhere and everywhere. It does become a balancing act towards following your passion and working a horrible 9-5 job. It most certainly can be done, this is for sure.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time out of your day.

      Kind Regards


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