Welcome to Commerce Corner.

Commerce Corner has been inspired by YOU FOR YOU!. People looking for HELP with making money online. Those that are willing to get their hands dirty and commence designing an online business. Not to forget those that are already well established and possibly offer back to people that are forging their path to success.

This series of blog posts are going to embody a writing style that can be understood in a way, that falls into the category of instructional articles and other related material.

Build For the Future

With an array of aspects to be covered, it will be immense fun for me to compile these blogs. Simply for the fact that there is so much to cover and learn from.

Details of topics will be laid out more in-depth so it can be easily understood from any expertise level. Entry or Expert, it won’t matter.

Topics that will cover inner workings of building Internet assets using platforms causing to create the assets that will help dreams to take shape. Variations of making money online, what else can we do to make an income off this so-called Internet?


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Sharing Is Caring

Anything that is published will be of high value for information that is beneficial to everyone’s needs that cater towards constructing an online presence.

Anyone can add value too. If you feel that you have something great to contribute, please, by all means.

Expressing yourself is at the forefront of this culture that empowers this forum.

Whether its a question in the comments section due to an issue or maybe to answer the proposed question that has been raised by another.

Should the possibility present itself and a visitor wishes to offer their expert view and knowledge in a more detailed and elaborate context, then we welcome the option of the inclusion of a Guest Author to author a blog post for us. Nothing better than having an outside view. right? Just comment below “guest author”

I’m reminded of the Chinese Proverb

‘To know the road ahead, ask those coming back’

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Choose Your Theme

Do you get apprehensive about what others may think about your ideas or questions?

Don’t let things like this hold you back from expressing your view. It’s encouraged like hell here. In this game the more you get clarity on whatever it is you need to know then this is the environment to find such things

If there is a certain issue that may have occurred and you are stuck with how to move forward. Put it to this forum, place the comment anywhere that allows this capability. Full consideration will be given, resolve will be met. More than likely after which there will be an upcoming blog posted outlining the scenario if there isn’t information found on FYRE Affiliates

Have an idea or want a topic to be covered? Help make the content great with us, drop us a comment to advise.

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Content Context

All articles that are featured on this forum aims at being educational, simple to understand and fluid.

Writing will encompass all aspects of creating an online internet marketing business. Endeavouring to include financial status making it appealing for all. No matter how much capital we have to invest or not. We can all leverage the Internet to benefit ourselves.

Exploring all avenues of building yourself an online presence and income. While maintaining a high calibre of content that is both simple to comprehend and apply.

Ensuring that everything that is disclosed can be understood. The material will take the perspective of a “newbie” but will still contain tips, tricks and secrets that can be learnt and implemented if the information given allows this.

As an open forum, YOUR views and opinions count. Feel free if there is anything of value that can be contributed to the platform.

Let this be the place that can help everyone to create and educate themselves to forge an online career. Through the information that is available, free and simple to adapt to.

It Starts Here

Now it’s time to “call to action” use everything that you can extract from here at FA. Content is king. In the grand scheme of things, we pledge to offer the best information at no cost to YOU.

Nor should it be expensive to find such content either. So I will take it upon myself to deliver.

From personal experience, the journey that has led me to this point has been arduous and trying. Which made it excessive to the point of really giving up. I found a prolonged, incoherent blueprint of a process that had holes throughout, only to not gain momentum, not sure where to turn, who to turn to, how to resolve issues when they arise. So many reasons that mounted up, ultimately forcing the wrong mindset

Inevitably decided to do what I didn’t want to do.


That’s right. I too hit the FAIL button.

Slowly but surely, over time in this period away from online activity. Brainstorming ideas never really went away and thus gently fueling a flicker of flame that had all but extinguished.

What became of this is what has brought you here today. The conscience playing against my will telling me ‘let’s do something about it’. Changing and improving my mindset, in turn, answering the “call to action”, giving me the push to reinstate my forge to success. Now, momentum has amassed and constant action is taken.

What has developed?

I haven’t looked back.

One goal.

One destination

The articles that are inclusive in Commerce Corner are advisory to helping people make online businesses and this link and others throughout will give you full access to this intel.

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