We are spoilt for choice from the outset.

Upon starting to build out an online asset our focus shifts toward the best web hosting for a small business we can acquisition and invoke. Excitement beacons, for his, is where the creative juices start to flow and the time comes to choosing an appropriate provider.

With being so many to choose from, which is the right one to choose, and will they deliver what they say they will?

There are a few things to keep in mind here.


Tick The Boxes

Whenever possible it is a good idea to devise a standard of thought process and research to make an informed decision. Especially when it becomes a decision towards making internet realty.



To settle the necessary criteria it would look like this.


  1. Keyword Research Tool – This step is purely optional as not everyone uses these but they are a great tool and you can find them free. Here is a blog on Keyword Research and offers great value on how to use a keyword research tool as Jaxxy. In this blog, it mentions the tool Jaxxy throughout. They are Free to use and join up with. This is a Jaxxy Keyword Search Bar you can use right away! This can help narrow your search once one becomes prolific at its use.
  2. Search Google – Type a search in Google for your web hosting options. Google is great for showing the most trusted and searched sites when prompting you with what you have requested. To get a better feel for prospects, research a bit further on likely candidates, check reviews inform yourself of what others have experienced and most importantly gained from a product or service.
  3. Informed Decision – A lot of top web host sites also can have other capabilities, besides hosting. These parameters can extend to Domain registration and Website Design. It can be a wonderful find if packages on offer are all-inclusive. Hosting providers that are partnered with the WordPress web design also would get a big tick. (few boxes to tick here)
  4. Execute On Decision – Depending on what is elected and that it settles the specified criteria, to bring you the most resources at your disposal, and you are confident in your web host selection. The building process may commence, Asset construction can and is very pleasing from personal experience, the fun that is had in watching something from nothing begin to take shape right before your eyes. I assure you.


The particular is a 4 step process, derived from my “blueprint” in the selection of a web host provider. This is a slightly generalised, but still a great platform to work with, then personalise this protocol with your methodology and system tweaks, therefore expanding on this process to make it your own.


SSL Certificate

What company can offer me the best security?

This must be one of your primary questions to ask yourself upon selection of a hosting provider.

By definition, SSL Certificate is “Secure Socket Layer Certificate” meaning, A security protocol (called HTTP or HTTPs, the little “s” standing for secure) that provides communication privacy through encryptions over the internet. The protocol allows client/server applications to communicate in a way to prevent Eavesdropping, Tampering or Message Forgery.

So If there are SSL Certificate inclusive of the package offer that’s another big tick, especially from the customers perspective ultimately SSL when installed on a web server it is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and login details. Note to self, if these are present then you can have confidence in what you have searched and accessed, is acceptable to be browsed.

There are visual points on the screen when surfing the internet that indicates to you if a site has SSL.

Different browsers will show different things if SSL is installed on the webserver is a padlock or green bar

SSL Certificates adhere together with 2 key elements:


  • A domain name, server name or host name.
  • An organizational identity (i.e company name) and location.



Nobody wants intrusion or “hacked” while engaged in online user activity. That’s where things can fall apart if this occurs. No-one wants that either.

So it’s in all of our best interest to keep this sensitive data safe and secure from prying eyes to the best of our abilities. There are many great ideas to employ routinely so to monitor and upkeep frequently.


Credible Notables

Inclusive of this article is a collection of 5 that are reputable platforms to build a foundation with.


  • Wealthy Affiliate – Free sign-up that gives access to hosting, WordPress web design, content builder, applicable training to learn from, supportive community of members, 24/7 support. Here is my WA Review to support this finding
  • Bluehost – Affordable starting package which is inclusive of the 1-click WordPress web design and maintenance. A free domain name, free SSL certificate, 24/7 support. Packages progressively inflate prices along with UX, features capabilities broaden.
  • WordPress – An exceptional platform that offers a plethora of opportunity. 37 million websites are powered by WordPress. Undertaking fully customizable, visually appealing, functional web design. This company offers web hosting also if that is what is required. WordPress as an open-source web design platform is integrated with a surplus of hosting providers as well other companies that may vested interests in WordPress.
  • HostGator – A frugal preference, another great option. WordPress Cloud hosting allowing for WordPress web design additionally. SSL certificate inclusive, Hostgator also has it’s own separate web hosting, making that 2 options in 1 platform to select from.
  • Dreamhost – Another affordable election that tenders multiple hosting preferences, domain registration, 24/7 support. WordPress hosting, web design. UX is very simple and fluid to navigate.


All providers here are great viable choices. All have WordPress integration if it isn’t the primary platform. Collectively very diligent in security measure for clients. Email capacity is a must to govern communication on a website, upholding admin/property engagement with site visitors. If the user already possess websites and they wish to transfer them to another host. Again, they all are proficient.

Going through this list, tendencies start emerging as offerings can be very similar but subtly differential from company to company.


Spam Blocker

Ask anyone security matters, especially the reassurance that comes with it. For the majority, there is nothing more debilitating than identity fraud.

Having an anonymous user(s) pilfer information that is sensitive to anyone else’s eyes in general, without knowledge is beyond words, but not comprehension, as we are all aware they still occur.

The example of the “Panama Papers” where 2.6 TB of data, 11.5 million documents, 4.8 million Emails were leaked due to a website that wasn’t running the latest version of a WordPress plugin called the Slider Revolution Plugin.

The most common breaches are backdoors, drive-by downloads, pharma hacks, malicious redirects and stolen passwords.

Even though these events have taken place and yes WordPress credibility took some blows. it remains to be a force today



So there is the constant push for better innovations in security measures for their clients. It pays to give matter plenty of attention since history has its pitfalls.

Firewalls are a must and can be applied.

Lending room for another option which is to keep everything updated and current. In regards to websites and hosting servers. Some features can be automated to automatically update. To remain cautious is a good idea to get in the routine of periodically checking for updates to themes and plugins

Back-ups need to be administered. High turn over rate of back-up- is suggested.

Not to forget the role of SSL Certificates, as mentioned earlier in this blog. How critical these are to encrypting our data transfer, login details, bank information. Safe handling of this sensitive intel needs careful attention which SSL gives it.

These simple tasks will be the difference if being proactive is embraced, as opposed to laziness that could potentially bring anguish and despair.


Web Design

The beautifying process is one of my favourite parts to my “blueprint.” of building an online asset.

Since the collective earlier mentions of Web hosting, which all elements incorporate WordPress, then we shall keep on topic and elaborate on Web Designing on WordPress.

Foundered by 2 gentlemen named Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on May 27, 2003

WordPress has quite a stronghold as an internet presence when it comes to website design running 34% of the internet. Around 19,500,000 websites to be semi exact.

With that in mind, WordPress must exhibit some of the most aesthetically pleasing website themes for website design. There is a way to preview potential themes that may catch the eye for asset build-out, through the WordPress.org (which is a separate entity from WordPress.com) theme directory. Paving the way for themes that are just a pleasure to view and use.

This is a great blog titled The Ultimate List of WordPress Statistics authored by Karol K, that elaborates on some astonishing stats and figures on everything WordPress that could be found interesting.

WordPress.com is not owned by a company. Being open-source and free therefore the co-founders wanted to protect freedom.

When piecing projects together it’s imperative to create a website that embodies easy functionality and navigation throughout the site itself, therefore contributing to a user experience everyone will love and return to use time and time again.

Plugins are crucial in the building of your website they are like apps for your website. When these are in use, plugin extensions can improve the whole experience that a user can have while browsing your site. Plugins can attribute to so many functions on your website it’s rediculous, improving everything and anything that the designer wants and thinks is best for the site. WordPress possesses 50,000+ free plugins for a designer to utilise.

WPBeginner showcases 24 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Businesses In 2019 circumscribes plugins that are of great value, BUT plugins are not all created equally. Additionally when installing desired plugins on your website, that it is possible to assign too many plugins, therefore actually dilapidating the website by weighing it down decreasing website load speeds which isn’t desirable in the eyes of Google. So general rule of thumb is to appoint sparingly.



Themes will include built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a weird term as it embraces multiple answers

It can encompass SEO plugins, SEO strategies like blog content if it was blogging that your chosen field of labour is in, not to mention the ever-critical “low hanging” keyword use within the construction of niche content articles. This topic of discussion will be clarified further in a blog, in the not to distant future.

Images are not to left out of the equation also receiving the SEO overhaul. compression of imagery file size.

Social Media can be integrated into websites to further increase the user ability to ‘share’ the wealth of knowledge.


Domain Names

Domain registration is a super exciting time in terms of building out a project. It means that when the selection of a Domain name is finalised, you can then transfer a website to the domain and amalgamate the 2 to complete the set making the package a live website and domain. Achieved through data transfer between servers.



For the majority of sites, the domain usually matches the website name.

This part of the “blueprint” can be a broad selection process since domains are purchased regardless. They can be attained by purchasing separately, to web design or, find an all-inclusive package like those that were touched on earlier in the blog.

Domain by definition depicts to a separate subset of the Internet with addresses sharing a common suffix or under the control of a particular organization or individual.

Allowing individuals or companies to purchase a domain name extensions such as:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .uk
  • .io
  • .info
  • .biz

It can be quite surreal creating a digital asset like a website and making it live for the globe to view and absorb in all in its entirety. A platform to express exactly what you want to say (well, within reason) The domain name purchaser is called the Domain Name Registrant


You’re The Boss!

There is no right or wrong way of course but there is always a tendency that will always emerge through averages and tends thanks to how Google likes to evaluate everything for us to make informed decisions easier to make.

It is fine to emulate other peoples business models as there are so many brilliant “blueprints” to be modelled from and exploited to make an online income.

Web hosting, domain registration, Web design and functionality.

To facilitate business models like Blogging, E-commerce stores, Web Design, App Design, Consulting, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing and much more.

To be able to create something from nearly basically scratch, then carry on to potentially make an income that can breed a success that can change lives. This is the ultimate goal, which in my opinion, is achievable by every person. In saying that, this online thing is not everyone’s choice of industry to make an online income, well simply the reason being, just because it doesn’t interest them. Which is completely fine and their decision to make.

This is where the hard work begins. It’s imperative those venturing into this career that they have the drive and ambition to want to be in it for the long haul. Mindset is key as the early stages can be frustrating to the point of becoming impatient, therefore ultimately leading to quitting. Undoing whatever progress had been made. This is most definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme, it takes time and effort on your part to establish, build and flourish.



Creation of websites and domain registration, in turn, progression into web design and content conception is incredibly uplifting. For the whole world to see and enjoy. This is an empowering thought and process. Potentially anyone can have the ability to impact someone else’s life for the better by helping them. That sounds pretty cool, to be honest.

Exactly the reason why I chose to construct this site for YOU. So I can help people like YOU find success online with tools, tips and tricks that will be of value in building out projects.

Please reach out if there are any questions in regards to receiving guidance in creating a website. I’d be happy to answer them. I know what it’s like to have no boss when assembling online assets, making it easy to fall out of the habit and throw everything into the ‘can’t be bothered’ basket.

Essentially trusting the process perseverance and especially hard work will eventually reward you back. When results begin the feeling of accomplishment is unforgettable and infectious. Fueling the inner FYRE to scale and expand, gathering momentum as the journey ploughs forward. Ultimately giving you the resources to be your boss.

Now, who doesn’t want that?



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